Guangzhou Fair Service Platform: the 127th Canton Fair, which lasted 10 days, ended today. At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is still spreading all over the world, which is affecting the global industrial chain and supply chain, bringing challenges and pressures to world trade. For the first time in 63 years, the Canton Fair has moved to the "cloud" as a whole, bringing a "timely rain" for foreign trade enterprises and global purchasers.


Exhibitors display allround online for 10 × 24 hours, with inquiries and orders coming from the "cloud". Enterprises have opened up new customers through global display; purchasers from all over the world can find their favorite source of goods by clicking the mouse without leaving their homes, thus ensuring the stable supply of goods.


Enterprises return with full load


In the central China furniture industrial base in Nankang, Jiangxi Province, Cai Chunlong, the chairman of Jiangxi Yiyi Furniture Co., Ltd., is very busy with live broadcasting on the official website of the Canton Fair every morning and evening. So far, his exhibition has attracted nearly 1000 people to watch, hundreds of people communicate online, and more than 30 customers have submitted intention orders.


"The company is located in a small city in the central region. It's very rare to have such a high level of attention." Cai Chunlong told reporters that the company's main products are furniture, soft decoration and other supporting products. Before participating in the Canton Fair, the exhibition content will be limited due to the limitation of booth and transportation. Through live broadcasting, the company has promoted all products, production workshops and model rooms to customers in an all-round way, attracting global passenger flow and achieving very good results.


At this Guangzhou Fair, there are many exhibitors who have similar feelings. Hangzhou Shuaike textile import and Export Co., Ltd. attracted more than 100000 compliments at the opening of Guangzhou Fair. In less than 10 days, the company's live broadcast attracted nearly 30000 people to watch, more than 3000 people consulted, and more than 30 people left e-mails to express their interest in the products. The company's specialists are further communicating with potential customers.


It is hard to imagine that the company's live broadcasting team only has three people, namely, the anchor, the equipment debugging and the camera. Chen Jingbo, Department Manager of the company, told reporters: "what we are showing is Pu jacket. The design elements such as printing, embroidery, riveting and punching are diversified, and the products are dazzling. In addition, we have high requirements for the layout of the live room and the choice of anchor. We pay attention to the strategy of interaction with the buyer, which is very effective. "


Buyers are also reaping a lot. Gao Wei, chairman of China information and culture exchange Kenya Co., Ltd., told reporters that the company mainly provides business information consulting services and organizes Kenyan enterprises to participate in China's exhibitions. "More than 60 Kenyan purchasers participated in this Guangzhou Fair, purchasing agricultural machinery, chemical industry, hardware, building materials and other types of products. As far as I know, a large number of buyers have submitted purchase intention orders. "


Stable product supply


"Through participating in the online Canton Fair, a customer who has been out of touch for many years has found us." Cai Chunlong said that the customer came from Beninese, Africa. Four or five years ago, he would contact the company every time he participated in the Canton Fair, but he did not see this customer again for some unknown reason. "I didn't expect that this time he contacted us on the Internet and both sides were very happy."


In addition to meeting old friends, 40% of the intended orders received by Cai Chunlong came from new customers. In recent years, the company has made great efforts in the field of private customization. He himself has traveled a long way to the local area to measure the size, make plans and decorate for customers, which has promoted the rapid growth of business. "Considering the adverse effects of the epidemic and the favorable factors of participating in the Canton Fair, the company's performance this year will be the same as last year."


For Chinese and foreign enterprises affected by the epidemic situation, the Canton Fair held online has brought a "timely rain". This is not only the "timely rain" for China to stabilize its foreign trade, but also the "timely rain" for China to help stabilize the global industrial chain and supply chain.


A buyer from Chile told reporters that since March, the epidemic spread rapidly in Chile. At first, the company was still able to sell inventory products, but as time went on, the products were out of supply. "This Canton Fair was held too timely. I talked to many customers at the fair. After further communication, we will confirm the order and take delivery as soon as possible."


The service platform of the Canton fair said that affected by the epidemic situation, Kenya's logistics has not been smooth since this year, the trade volume has declined, and enterprises need a lot of replenishment. "The Canton Fair has only been prepared for two months and moved to the Internet. Kenyan buyers are both amazed and excited.".


More excited are foreign trade enterprises that have tasted the sweetness of online display. They are preparing to take advantage of the east wind of the Canton Fair to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises. "After the closing of the Canton Fair, we will hold a summary meeting. In addition to sorting out the results of the exhibition, we should also discuss how to continue to strengthen network marketing." Chen Jingbo plans to use the official website and other platforms to launch live broadcasting, so as to realize the normalization of online display.